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Algunas Películas…


2003: Apertura Latin Beat Film Festival


1994 SIN OPCIÓN (Flavio) Lead Nestor Lescovich
1996 ADIÓS ABUELO Supporting Dir Emilio Vieyra
1996 LA CASA DE AZÚCAR Lead Mercosur/ Carlos Hugo Christensen
1997 ANAHÍ DE LAS MISIONES Supporting Sergio Silva
1998 PRACTICAL MAGIC Supporting WarnerBrothers/Griffin Dunne
1998 TUESDAY WITH MORRIE Supporting ABC-OprahWinfrey/ Mick Jackson
1999 HAPPILY EVER AFTER Lead FilmFoundry/ James Volk
2000 NORIEGA GOD´s FAVORITE Supporting Paramount/ Roger Spottiswoode
2001 BACKGAMMON (Nick) Supporting Dir Ziri Rideauz
2001 ALEX IN WONDER (Armand) Lead DogFilms/ Drew Rosemberg
2002 DEVIOUS BEING Supporting RedBearsFilm/ Chris Mazzei
2003 WHITE RUSH (Londoro Garcia) Supporting AmericanWorldPictures/Mark Lester
2003 THE SWEET SPOT Lead AFI/ Victoria Foyt
2004 THE ELIMINATOR Supporting Kent Barbet
2004 STILL SINGLE (Gianni) Supporting Cookie Carosella
2005 PTERODACTYL (Yolen) Lead AmericanWorldPictures/Mark Lester
2012 HELENA Lead Milka Lopez
2013 POR UN PUÑADO DE PELOS Supporting Nestor Montalbano


2003: Apertura – Latin Beat Film Festival 2003